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John Santos Charitable: From stigma to education
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"Recognize that we are a product of nature and that your very existence depends upon other products of nature"    -- Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee  

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The João José ‘John’ Santos Charitable Organization is proud to partner with Shaklee; the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S., and a pioneer in Prevention.  Shaklee has been helping people create a healthier and better life for over 56 years; their natural products are used daily by NASA and Olympic Athletes.

By joining our missions together, a company that shares our vision on health, we are able to reach out to a greater number of families and communities to help and guide them create healthier lifestyles.  Over 19 million Americans adults struggle with clinical depression.  This debilitating and silent illness can lead to suicide if left untreated, with the #1 cause of suicide being undiagnosed and untreated depression.  Overcoming clinical depression with natural solutions IS possible!!  Nutrition deficiency is a key factor of causing depression. The brain and stomach are codependent. Natural supplements are vital and give support to every cell in the body including the brain...

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Please support our cause!!   As a Shaklee non-profit distributor, the João José ‘John’ Santos Charitable Organization directly benefits from the proceeds by sales made from our on-line store. View our world of healthy products and start making healhiery lifestyle choices today! For questions about a specific health concern or about a product, please feel free to contact us at  johncharitable@aol.com  We would love to hear from you!   

   "I had a determination to build a company that was in harmony with nature, with products that don't pollute the environment, or most important of all - your bloodstream"  -- Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee 

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The João José ‘John’ Santos Charitable Organization is a grassroots effort whose mission is to educate families and communities on their quest to understanding mental illnesses, in order to prevent further suicides. This is done by educating the public; help and guide families to create healthier eating habits for a healthy life.


Educating for a healthier tomorrow; one person, one family, one community at a time!